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Birmingham Minibus Hire and Coach Hire with Driver

Welcome to Birmingham minibus hire we are the leading online provider for the local area with the best rates, we provide value for money minibus hire and coach hire in Birmingham and the surrounding areas like Solihull, Dudley, Sutton Coldfield, Smethwick, Balsall Heath, Aston, Acocks Green, Alum Rock, Ashted, Aston Cross, Austin Village, Balti Triangle, Edgbaston, High Hill, Great Barr and many more. We are a family run business with many years of experience in the minibus hire with driver industry, during the years we have gained a huge number of customers that vary from one trip a year to account customers with 20 minibus hire booking a year. We will cater for the standard or executive 8 seater minibus, 10 seater minibus, 12 seater minibus, 14 seater minibus, 16 seater minibus, 24 seater minibus 29 seater minibus coach and larger 59 seater coach.

Birmingham 8-Seater Minibus Hire with a driver.

If you are planning a trip to Birmingham with a group of eight people, then hiring a minibus is the perfect choice for transportation. With an 8-seater minibus hire with a driver, you can all travel together and enjoy the journey without worrying about navigating through the busy streets of Birmingham or finding parking spots for multiple cars. Plus, hiring a minibus is cost-effective as it eliminates the need for each individual to pay for their own transportation costs.

Birmingham is a vibrant and bustling city, known for its rich history, diverse culture, and bustling nightlife. It is home to various popular attractions such as the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Cadbury World, and the National SEA LIFE Centre. With so much to see and do, having an 8-seater minibus to take you and your group around the city will make your trip more convenient and enjoyable.

When it comes to hiring a minibus in Birmingham, there are plenty of options available. You can choose from a range of 8-seater minibuses that are well-maintained and equipped with comfortable seating, air conditioning, and entertainment systems. This will ensure that your journey is not only convenient but also comfortable.

One of the main advantages of hiring a minibus in Birmingham is the flexibility it offers. You can plan your trip according to your own schedule and preferences, rather than relying on public transportation. This means you can spend as much time as you want at each attraction, without having to worry about catching a bus or train on time. Additionally, if you are traveling with young children or elderly individuals, having a minibus at your disposal ensures that they are not fatigued from walking long distances or waiting for public transportation.

Moreover, when you hire a minibus, you also have the option to hire a knowledgeable and experienced driver who can act as a tour guide and take you to the best spots in the city. They can also provide valuable insights and recommendations on the best places to eat, shop, and explore in Birmingham.

In conclusion, hiring an 8-seater minibus in Birmingham is an excellent choice for group travel. It offers convenience, comfort, flexibility, and the opportunity to make the most out of your trip by exploring the city at your own pace. So, if you are planning a trip to Birmingham, make sure to consider hiring a minibus to enhance your overall experience.

Birmingham 16-Seater Minibus Hire with a driver.

If you’re planning a trip to Birmingham with a large group, whether it be for a business conference or a family vacation, transportation can be a major headache. Coordinating multiple vehicles and drivers can be time-consuming and costly, not to mention the added stress of navigating unfamiliar roads. This is where executive 16-seater minibus hire in Birmingham comes in. With a luxurious and spacious minibus at your disposal, you can sit back and relax while a professional driver takes care of all the transportation logistics for you.

The executive 16-seater minibus is the perfect option for larger groups, providing comfortable and stylish transport for everyone. With plush leather seats, ample legroom, and air conditioning, your group can travel in utmost comfort and style. The minibus also comes equipped with modern amenities such as USB charging ports, WiFi, and a sound system, ensuring that your group can stay connected and entertained throughout the journey.

Hiring an executive minibus also means you can say goodbye to the stress of navigating through busy Birmingham traffic. Your designated driver will have extensive knowledge of the city and will be able to take the most efficient routes to your destination. This not only saves you time, but also allows you to sit back and enjoy the sights of Birmingham without worrying about getting lost.

Furthermore, an executive minibus hire offers a level of convenience that cannot be matched by other modes of transportation. The minibus can pick you up and drop you off at any location, whether it be your hotel, airport, or conference venue. This eliminates the need for your group to split up and find their own way to the destination, ensuring that everyone arrives together and on time.

Safety is also a top priority when it comes to executive minibus hire in Birmingham. The minibus is regularly serviced and maintained to ensure its reliability on the road. The drivers are also highly trained and experienced, ensuring a safe and smooth journey for your group. Additionally, the minibus is fully insured, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to fully enjoy your trip without worrying about any unexpected incidents.

The cost-effectiveness of hiring an executive minibus is another major advantage. Splitting the cost among the group can make it a more affordable option compared to hiring multiple cars or taking public transportation. It also eliminates the need for expensive parking fees, as the minibus can drop you off and pick you up at your desired location.

In conclusion, executive 16-seater minibus hire in Birmingham offers a convenient, comfortable, and cost-effective solution for group transportation. With a professional driver, luxurious amenities, and a stress-free journey, you can focus on enjoying your trip and creating unforgettable memories with your group. So next time you’re planning a trip to Birmingham, consider hiring an executive minibus for a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.

Birmingham Coach Hire

Are you looking for top-of-the-line transport to Birmingham Airport? Do you need executive coach hire services for smooth transportation? Do not stress out; the Birmingham Coach Hire company is here to provide you with best-in-class transfer services for a hassle-free experience.

Finding a reliable transfer company to your destination is crucial to your overall comfort, experience and safety. Given this, we offer the best transport services that will take your worries away when you need to move to Birmingham Airport or you are moving as a group.

When you need transport to Birmingham Airport or Executive coach hire, you are only a phone call away. Contact us and we will provide you with a budget-friendly quote that will give you the best value for money at Birmingham minibus hire.

The Fantastic City of Birmingham

Birmingham has always been a vibrant and dynamic place with thousands of shops to explore and fascinating sights to discover, it is Europe’s busiest convention city which hosts more major events than any other city in the UK with its recently regenerated streets, canals and squares. Other major events held in Birmingham include gatecrasher, the festival of Ibiza, vulture vulture, Woodstock revival and many more. The city is well renowned for its dining quizine with lots of Balti houses to the Michelin star restaurants.

Best Transport to Birmingham Airport

Birmingham minibus hire can always help to avoid the hassles that come with standing by the road and flagging down taxis when heading to the airport. You do not have to stress out any longer. Contact us for comfortable and hassle-free transport to Birmingham Airport. Right from the agreed pick-up point, we will take you to Birmingham Airport without delay. You can also use our service from any part of the country to Birmingham airport.  Our airport transfer service is second unrivaled. Experience smooth, comfortable, and fast transport to and from Birmingham Airport.

Executive Coach Hire in Birmingham

Are you searching for executive coach hire to transport a group of people? Are you going on a trip, seminar, or professional event and need an executive coach? We are the solution you need; we offer first-rate executive coach hire. Our vehicles are state-of-the-art and comfortable, ensuring that you feel relaxed and safe en route to your destination. Never miss the company of your team again when travelling together. You will all ride in the same coach, allowing you to continue with your brainstorming or relaxation until you reach your destination

Places to Visit in Birmingham

  • The Bullring – The shopping centre is the busiest in the city of Birmingham. Visitors will find lots of leading brands from the ultra-modern architecture of Selfridges building modelled on a Paco Rabanne dress.
  • Balti triangle – This is a must when you come to Birmingham. Indulge yourself in a Birmingham curry at the Balti triangle located just south of the city centre just by ladypool road,Stratford road and Stoney Lane.
  • Birmingham Art Gallery – Has a large collection of objects from middle ages, the Staffordshire Hoard the largest haul of Anglo Saxon gold ever discovered. Also view objects from ancient Greece and Rome.
  • The Mailbox – Spoil yourself at the high-end shopping and luxury bars just by Worcester and Birmingham Canal. The mailbox has lots of exclusive restaurants and a rich selection of designer shops.
  • Jewellery Quarter – Home to the biggest and largest concentration of Jewellery in Europe. Visitors can pick up pieces direct from the makers. Also visit the Jewellery Quarter Museum to learn about its fascinating history.

Other tourists attractions include places such as the thinktank, IMAX Cinema, Drayton Manor theme park, Go Ape, Jewellery Quarter, Cadbury World, National Sea Life Centre, Black country living museum, Ackers adventure, and the raceway Birmingham.

Choosing the best Hotels in Birmingham

Birmingham has a variety of hotels to meet your needs whether low budget or you want to splash the cash, from the Crown Plaza, Marriott, Premier Inn, Novotel and the Jury’s Inn. We provide direct transport to local areas and all around the country.  We also offer cheap minibus hire for those on a budget for those businesses, weddings, corporate, stagnates, private parties. Our drivers have minibuses of all sizes 8 seater minibus, 14 seater minibus , 16 seater minibus, 24 seater minibus even bigger size coaches on prior notice.

Excellent Minibus Hire Service in Birmingham

Here at Birmingham Minibus Hire we pride ourselves in providing quick and excellent minibus and coach hire service. Our passengers can always get a timely and comfortable service to and from your destination. We are here for you so just pick up the phone and tell us your requirements. We only work with the best drivers in the UK and Europe. Once your booking has been made with us, our passengers can always count on Birmingham minibus hire to transport you and your party safely around the city.

Forget about all the stresses and hassles of travel with this unique minibus service. Birmingham Minibus Hire will transport you in style to your destination in one of our luxurious people carriers or mini coaches to arrive refreshed and relaxed.

We can confirm your requirements when we take your bookings. All bookings can be made by phone, Online, email or text. We will confirm your bookings via email, phone or text message. Payment receipts can be forwarded as soon as we receive payment confirmation.

Corporate and Business minibus hire in Birmingham 

We are pleased to provide our customers whether corporate or private requests with minibus hire, coach hire with driver service that covers the whole of the United Kingdom and our low prices makes us competitive, reliable and trustworthy to book with.

We trust that these arrangements assure you of the excellent service that we are able to provide you with. If you currently use another minibus company, use us if only to improve the service you receive from them or you could ask us to complement that which you already have and it will give you greater flexibility. We are used as over-spill by many other companies and we can offer advice on; Best Restaurants, Finest Hotels, Logistics, Client/Delegate Entertainment in around Birmingham City.

How do I get a Quote For a Minibus Hire?

Please fill in our quick quote form on the top on this page with all your journey details. For example the pick up point/area name and destination name and how many passengers will be travelling.  Another way is to call our dedicated customer help line on 07939496878 and we will do our very best to get you the best price within your budget.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Best Birmingham Coach Hire Services

We are undoubtedly the leading Birmingham coach hire company providing the best transport and executive coach hire in the midlands area. We aim to be actively involved in your transportation. Whether you are heading to London, Brighton down south or Glasgow, Newcastle upon Tyne up north or need an instant transfer around Birmingham, contact us immediately.

  1. Modern Vehicles

Our fleet comprises modern vehicles that guarantee comfort and safety. The satisfaction of our clients is our priority – the reason we invest in coaches and minibuses designed to provide the comfort and safety you need when you ride with us.

  1. Budget-friendly and Competitive Pricing

We offer the best and most competitive pricing that suits your budget. You do not have to break the bank before you ride with us. Get the best transfer services at competitive pricing.

  1. Courteous Drivers

Our drivers have the right training, license, and experience needed to make you comfortable and safe when you ride with us. They are friendly and will make you feel at home when you ride with us.

  1. 100% Customer Satisfaction

We prioritize your satisfaction, and we will leave no stone unturned to make you satisfied. Ride with us for maximum satisfaction and an unmatched level of satisfaction.

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Attractions in and around Birmingham

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